About us

Nice meeting you here! We appreciate that you're looking for a definition of our brand.
However, don't expect to find a brand manifesto or style manual. We're guys of few words and a lot of action.

We make clothes for fun-loving guys with a streetwise attitude, who are straightforward and love to bend a rule or two.
While celebrating life and digesting serious matters with a healthy sense of humor.
When it comes to clothes, we look for perfect fits and good quality fabrics. We love clean-cut designs,
yet go for original patterns and prints that stand out.

Before a design leaves our office, it has to meet a couple of strict criteria.
Our main goal is to create a strong, clear and recognizable brand that stands out in the market.
The clothes have to 'breathe' fun and a positive attitude towards life.
Our designs must blend in with the concrete jungle: comfortable and crazy enough for energetic urbanites.

So there you have it. Noize in a nutshell.  

Let's make some Noize.